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We were excited to be included in "Welcome To Tarboro" Magazine this past fall. Here's more about the article:

He’s Got Ink In His Veins: Jerome Creech Continues Family Legacy At Tarboro Printing Co.
Written by Jennifer Hines

Jerome Creech has often been described as having ink in his veins. Creech, now the owner of Tarboro Printing Company, has been working various printing jobs since he was 12-years-old. “I grew up working at Tarboro Printing Company, basically known as the Daily Southerner newspaper, but it was part of the printing company,” said Creech.

Creech’s grandfather started the family business in 1938, and the newspaper was printed until it ceased publication in 2014. Creech shared, “It’s where I grew up, so it feels like home to me, and I am very proud of the fact that we are in our 79th year.”

Now, Tarboro Printing Company is a full service general printer and graphic arts resource. The company prints a variety of items for businesses including corrugated plastic signs, aluminum signs, banners, labels, decals, manuals and much more.

“For the last three years, we’ve been an extension sales office to the Rocky Mount Signs Now franchise,” said Creech. “So, doing business with us is like driving over and walking into their place.”

Tarboro Printing Company also offers graphic design services. “We are already here designing so we can do some of the work or all of it and the customer doesn’t have to do it,” said Creech. “We can help start from scratch and help a customer get the kind of signage they desire.”

Creech takes pride in the fact that they can service anyone with their new digital presses, from large manufacturers and businesses to anyone off the street looking for invitations and announcements. “There’s really no printed product that we can’t offer,” said Creech. “The general public can walk in and even get a small job done.” Small jobs wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the digital age and the technology that allows them to work right from their computer screen. “Back in the day with offset presses, there was a lot of pre-press work to do so it wasn’t feasible just to make 10 copies,” he said. “You needed to do at least 1,000 copies to make it affordable to the customer. Now with the new digital presses, we can do one or a million copies. So the digital age and technology has already helped us and the customers.”

After being in business for so many years, Tarboro Printing Company has turned into a home of sorts for all its employees. “We have people working here who have been employed with us for a long time and it is kind of like an extended family,” said Creech. “I like to think that everyone working here feels the same way and experiences a sense of team spirit and happiness.”

The family environment Creech has created in his offices extends out into the community he grew up in as well. Creech finds it important to give back to various organizations around Tarboro, especially since they are next door neighbors to Tarboro Community Outreach. “I just say that we try to give back to the community we live in,” he said. Moments like the time he and his company were able to send some children to the beach are the ones that make his time in Tarboro so worthwhile.

Creech shared, “In 1981 after college, I had a chance to stay in Raleigh, but decided to come back home. I have not regretted my decision to be back in town owning my family business and raising my family.”

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